Welcome to my cabinet.


Hello, I’m Corinne. I identify as a reader, writer, photographer, health nut, overall nerd, an Anglophile, and a lover of YouTube, hockey, and my cat. I am a senior English major at Elmhurst College, graduating in May 2017, and looking for a position in the editing and publishing field. Welcome to my website! It houses my professional writing and photography portfolios as well as my blog. Thank you for peeking into my cabinet.

If you are confused about why I refer to my website as my cabinet, let me tell you a story:

I will admit that I’m not the best at naming things. However, during a university class, I was introduced to the idea of cabinets of curiosities. The class, London and its Museums, taught me that cabinets of curiosities were basically the original museums. The concept of a museum came out of the curiosity and desire to collect items, which were housed in cabinets as private collections. Museums evolved from private collections to public and open ones, and now museums educate the masses and tell stories about various histories. Cabinets of curiosities tell stories about unique a collection of things, whether it be oceanic items, boxes, and tins from 1950s America, or exotic plants of the Mediterranean. Your cabinet of curiosities can contain whatever you desire, and this is mine… in website form. Welcome.

Note: cabinets of curiosities are also referred to as “wonder rooms” or “wunderkammer.”